Discover why Golden Bear is the fan-favorite out of all our turf.

A Cut Above

Our partnership between Southwest Greens and Nicklaus Design came together in 2004 and has grown a great deal over time in both design and turf technology. Our customers can enjoy custom-designed golf greens installed by certified Southwest Green dealers across the United States. Anyone can now practice on the most playable artificial grass for backyard putting greens. The best-in-class is Golden Bear — incorporating professional design, installation, and our exclusive turf products.

Southwest Greens Systems

Southwest Greens is glad to highlight the evolution of its strategic relationship with Nicklaus Design that incorporates the industry-leading, premier design expertise in golf and grass products installed by Southwest Greens’ team of certified and trained dealers. Our integrated design process combining two companies that distribute Nicklaus Design Specifications. Southwest Greens employs Nicklaus Design templates to make and distribute a custom, premium, accurate synthetic golf turf product to franchises.

Linked by Perfection

Partnership Results in Premier Turf

Established by golf legend Jack Nicklaus, Nicklaus Design is known worldwide as the golf course design leader. Unrivaled in designing the most challenging, enjoyable, and memorable courses for play. Nicklaus Design is synonymous with greatness.

Southwest Greens Northern CA West is excited to offer an exclusive new line of Golden Bear artificial turf in partnership with Nicklaus Design.

The Most Accurate Turf on the Market

GoldenBear is our premium-grade artificial turf delivering the look, feel, and play of natural grass. This is the turf selected by amateurs as well as PGA Tour players for their own yards. In simple terms — Golden Bear is the most accurate playing surface on the market. We research natural and synthetic systems to better identify the most important elements necessary to deliver professional performance. Even though it’s developed with golf in mind, this long-life, high-quality turf may also be installed at high-volume locations like playgrounds and recreational areas.

As the undisputable leader in artificial turf installation technology and world-class golf course design, Southwest Greens has perfected the ideal process improving the level of play, and the aesthetics of the green itself.

Southwest Greens has implemented an integrated design process, in partnership with Nicklaus Design, utilizing a CAD platform and library of Nicklaus green designs that range from 750 to 5000 sq ft. Our trained Southwest Greens designers can tailor the green to match your requirements using the expert design principles and templates created by Nicklaus Design. With over 50 years of experience, 425 golf courses in 46 countries worldwide and 310 golf courses in 40 states in the United States, you can be certain that Nicklaus Design builds professional golfer-designed synthetic turf and best-in-class golf course design.

The Gold Standard for Playability

Synthetic Turf That Raises the B.A.R.

(Bounce, Aim, Roll)

Our Golden Bear Turf is the pinnacle in quality, look, and performance for synthetic turf products. This high-level synthetic turf rolls, bounces, and receives just like a professional course. Shot after shot, Golden Bear gives you the most accurate aim of any putting surface. Playability is so life-like, you’ll believe you are putting on the real thing. It’s without a doubt the best turf on Earth.

Synthetic Putting Greens with Championship Bounce, Aim, and Roll

Championship Bounce

20-25% More Ball Retention

Our Golden Bear Turf gets you championship-level bounce right in your own backyard. Scientifically developed and tested to have 20-25% more ball retention than other prime artificial turf for the best playability. Learn more about bounce here.

Consistent Aim

Two Times Better Aim

Golden Bear Turf’s aim is scientifically developed and tested to emulate pro-quality putting greens. Shot after shot, Golden Bear has the tightest perimeter and the most accurate aim of any putting surface for professional-level consistency. Learn more about aim here.

True Roll

Truer and Closer to Grass

With Golden Bear Turf, you’ll enjoy smoother rolls comparable to playing on your favorite championship course. Scientifically designed and tested to mimic natural grass, from the initial bounce off the clubface, to the spin transition, to the smooth ball roll into the cup. Learn about roll here.

The Southwest Greens Difference

Southwest Greens Northern CA West have quantified key performance indicators. Because we understand which variables affect performance, we’ve been able to replicate natural greens.

With Golden Bear Turf, you will experience smoother rolls comparable to playing on your favorite championship course, right on your very own backyard putting green.

Take a look at our Gold Bear Turf and discover why golfers around the world love Southwest Greens.

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