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Turf Mats

Artificial Turf Mats

Durable and Convenient Artificial Turf Mats for Commercial and Residential Use in San Francisco and all of Northern California.

Southwest Greens Northern California West offers the highest quality turf mats in the industry. Made out of 100 percent recycled material, our mats can be used for multiple purposes. With our turf mats, you are no longer limited to your own home but you can bring a bit of it with you wherever you go. Here are a couple different ways you can now use our turf mats.


With our compact turf mats, you can now have your very own “lawn” wherever you go. Just pull it out when you reach your destination to bring a bit of a green to your surroundings, and when you are ready to go, just rinse it over, give it a once over with the brush and roll it up to store away until the next time you are ready to use it.


When your own the high seas for an extended period of time, you may begin to miss the look and feel of green grass. With our convenient turf mats, you can now install your very own lawn on the deck of your boat to bring a bit of land to the open seas. If you notice too much of a salt build up between the blades just take a bit of fresh water and rinse the area to bring it back to life. You really can have it all!

Patios & Balconies

Southwest Greens turf mats can be installed on most patio or balconies. For those who love green but can’t get out of the city as often as your life, this is the perfect solution. It’s easy to install and will bring a vibrancy to your life you didn’t know you were missing.

Pet Areas

Share the love with Rover by using the artificial turf mats to build him a dog run that he will absolutely love. Don’t have space? You can still use the turf mats to install a small potty area for him to do his business on. Give him what he needs while still keeping the space you need! The revolutionary technology use to create the turf mats will make clean up a breeze and you won’t need any fancy chemicals to keep it that way, just use water and vinegar to deodorize the area!

Southwest Greens Northern California West fully supports the use of their turf mats, especially for those who have limited space or time to maintain a full artificial lawn. By buying mats you can customize any small space and bring home where ever you are. Contact us today to order your very own artificial turf mats. Contact us today to order your very own artificial turf mats.