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Maintaining your synthetic golf green & synthetic lawn:

As spring approaches, Southwest Greens wants to ensure you preserve the longevity of your synthetic golf green / synthetic grass.   You can do so by:

Southwest Greens recommends a good servicing from one of crews every 12-24 months on golf greens and every few years on lawns. 

As with every great Golf Green, you want to maintain your green to ensure

Synthetic lawns are extremely durable.  Located outdoors, your synthetic lawn is exposed to the elements and is susceptible to small yard debris which can begin to settle between the turf fibers unless removed.  A Southwest Greens lawn service will:

To learn more about our Service Programs contact our office at 650.349.4885 or send your questions to info@sw-greens.com


Refer a Friend Program

Southwest Greens appreciates our customers sharing the different aspects they love about their synthetic golf greens and synthetic lawns.  Thank you for continually doing so. 


To show our appreciation, we’ve incorporated a Referral Program.  To be eligible, you must be a Southwest Greens of SF/SJ Installation customer.  With every referred contracted project, we’ll send you a Gift Card to Costco (and we all love Costco ~ there is something for everyone). 


The next time your yard / golf game is having a shining moment, and your friends ask ~ be sure to share all of the great things you enjoy about your synthetic amenity (minimal maintenance, good for entire family, safe, eco-friendly, hassle free and always looking good), pass on SOUTHWEST GREENS and have them mention your name when we ask how they heard about Southwest Greens.  It’s that easy.