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What are the benefits of a synthetic turf lawn?

Our San Francisco synthetic turf/grass lawns hold many benefits for their owners.  Construction and installation of a San Francisco artificial lawn in your front or backyard means no watering, fertilizing, or mowing ever again.  Be it a commercial or residential or indoor or outdoor application, you can expect a perfect lawn year-round in any climate.  Add an aesthetic quality to your home that no other lawn in the neighborhood can match and you can see why our fake grass lawns are so popular. 

Southwest Greens can custom design a San Francisco synthetic turf lawn that makes your home and backyard pop!  Our San Francisco artificial lawns feature:

Building a San Francisco synthetic grass lawn is easier than you think.  Create a beautiful year-round landscape for your home at Southwest Greens!

San Francisco synthetic lawns from Southwest Greens can withstand any climate and lower your water bills in the process.  Our outdoor San Francisco synthetic grass lawns require no watering, ever, and little to no maintenance.  All that’s left is for you to enjoy your home’s perfect backyard.  In addition, our San Francisco synthetic turf is available for indoor applications.  

When is fake more real than real?  When it involves our San Francisco synthetic turf/grass lawns!  A perfect year-round front or backyard requiring no yard work or water is within your reach.  In San Francisco synthetic lawns make sense, and go by the name of Southwest Greens. 


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