San Francisco Putting Greens

Backyard Artificial Golf Greens, Synthetic Putting Green Construction

Are your putting greens environmentally friendly?

Our San Francisco putting greens are the most environmentally friendly California golf greens you’ll find anywhere.  That’s because our backyard and indoor putting greens are made from EnvyLawn artificial grass, a recyclable synthetic grass that makes each home golf practice area look and play great.  Construction is quick and easy, and our synthetic turf greens require no mowing, which means no chemical emissions released into the atmosphere from your mower.  And because your artificial turf green or lawn needs no watering, water waste will be eliminated.  In California that’s a big deal!

Practice is made easy on San Francisco putting greens from Southwest Greens.  Our synthetic turf products feature and include: 

Bring the game of golf home with you via a personal practice facility by scheduling your construction today.

Installation of custom designed backyard and indoor putting greens is a great way to elevate your game and accentuate your home.  Our synthetic turf San Francisco putting greens and artificial lawns look, feel and play like the real thing, are completely recyclable, and let you off the hook when it comes to yard work and maintenance!  Try our California putting greens on for size!

The benefits of our San Francisco putting greens go far beyond your short game.  California putting greens from Southwest Greens meet the environmental standards our clients demand, as the fake grass turf we use for our backyard and indoor putting greens will help you save on water bills, put the gas mower to rest, and is completely recyclable.


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