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Sports Turf

Sports Turf

Basket Ball Courts

Multi-purpose fields and athletic fields by Southwest Greens Sports Solutions are being sought out as a high-performance alternative to natural grass athletic fields for a number of sporting activities.  Those in charge of maintaining athletic facilities have grown fond of our sports turf’s ability to maintain its perfect condition in all climates year-round with little to no maintenance.  Combined with its penchant for optimum performance and durability, it’s no wonder fields by Southwest Greens Sports Solutions have become an attractive field option.

There are many reasons our sports turf is in demand.  Reasons like an advanced backing system, which allows our turf to conform to the slopes and contours of any field, thus ensuring maximum drainage.  Also, take into account the manpower and money athletic facilities spend to maintain natural grass fields and it becomes clear what an expensive proposition it can be.  By installing synthetic grass fields, facilities can eliminate mowing, watering and fertilizing and keep maintenance to an absolute minimum.  Also, synthetic fields maximize the amount of usable field time.

California Tennis Court Construction

There are many great reasons for choosing our sports turf. The number one reason is that our sports turf offers a safe, high-performance and realistic alternative to natural grass.  For these reasons you’ll find our artificial grass on tennis courts, football fields, soccer fields, volleyball courts, athletic and multi-use fields, bocce ball courts and more. The popularity of sports turf continues to grow.  Consider our sports turf for your athletic facility for the finest sports surface year-round.