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Artificial Grass

San Francisco Artificial Grass

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Thinking about synthetic lawns for your home, rental property, child(ren) or pet?

You’ve got reason to.  Synthetic lawns can add a lot of value to one’s home.  Value is all in how you look at.

With synthetic turf water isn’t required to keep it green and lawn mowers for constant cutting is a task of the past.  Synthetic lawns add space.  It becomes an area you may not have used or it’s use was differently.

Durability and longevity are variables when it comes to a synthetic lawn. At this point, synthetic lawns are designed for specific uses.  Everything from, “I just want it green and no one will walk on it” to “this is where my children & friends will be having great fun.” The materials are out there and lots to choose from.

Give us call so we can hear what is important to you.

Should you already have a synthetic lawn and it could use a slice of Tender Loving Care – Southwest Greens offers lawn maintenance.

When we sell our projects in, our customers are made aware that some upkeep and a periodic professional service call will be required.  After all, we talked about the lawn being in their yard for years to come.  Turf is bound to get dirty.  Cleaning the organic debris out turf isn’t something you can do with a push broom.

Southwest Greens NorCal West is a full service synthetic turf company and located on the San Francisco Peninsula.  Our Golf Green customers have their golf greens serviced year round.  Servicing a lawn is par for our course.  Trees grow, roots systems expand, the swing set and trampoline are either coming or going.  Our trained synthetic turf crews put in the work to make your synthetic lawn good again.

Whether you are new to synthetic turf or an experienced turf conoseur; Southwest Greens is open for business.  Let us talk and see what we can hammer out for you.

Maybe you are somewhere in between, and need to cool your turf down.  HydroChill is an effective infill to cool down turf.  Check out the video on this page.