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Golf Greens

Golf Greens

Southwest Green - Putting Green Example - 1A bit about Southwest Greens’ synthetic putting greens.  The craft began in 1996.  Living the American dream, the original Southwest Green’ers developed the signature Southwest Greens’ Jack Nicklaus Design Golf Green and grew by franchising.

Franchises were the life line to bring high quality, realistic putts on a synthetic surface on residential sized practice greens to the golfer’s backyard.   22 Years later, Southwest Greens has franchises internationally.  Synthetic golf greens installed around the world; installed commercially at hotels, parks, driving ranges and private clubs and residentially for casual golfers, competitive golfers, juniors & seniors, all the way the Golf Pros.

Golfers from all walks of the sport are practicing on the most realistic synthetic putting greens available ~ a Southwest Greens Golf Green.

Southwest Green - Putting Green Example - 2Golf Digest’s Editors Choice Award for Best Synthetic Putting Greens was awarded to Southwest Greens since the choice of synthetic putting green began in  2016, again in 2017 & 2018.

When you are looking for a realistic putting surface to accept shots and roll true ~ that is exactly what you hire our crew to do.  Paying attention to the details from the very beginning to finally the end.  High quality synthetic golf greens projects aren’t thrown in the ground.  Through consistent persistence, a proven process and taking proud in what we build ~  Southwest Greens NorCal West services from the Northern most tip of Marin County south down to Pebble Beach along the west side of the bay.  We build synthetic golf green amenities for golfers.

Southwest Green - Putting Green Example - 3Maybe you already have synthetic lawn and use it currently gets isn’t what it used to be . . . convert that synthetic lawn area into a synthetic putting green.  Encourage yourself to practice, to shave shots off your game.  Send your child outside to practice instead of driving to the club or driving range.  Great way to fit in practice either after dinner or before a round.  For golfers, one thing is for sure to putt well, practice and good luck are required.

Call our office for more information.  We talk about ground preparation, drainage, hitting areas, tee boxes, small putting greens, big golf greens, sand traps and pot bunkers.  Answering questions and shedding light on project ~ is what our in house team is trained to do.

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