Golf Greens

Backyard Putting Greens


The next time you want to practice your short game, imagine doing so by walking out your door in the comforts of your own yard.  No driving, no lines, no waiting – just you, your club and your ball.

Southwest Greens’ advanced construction derives from 14 years of experience in the synthetic golf green business.  Our advanced construction and installation techniques have been proven time and time again all around the world.  We use lead-free, child & pet friendly synthetic turf which includes Duraflo technology for superior drainage.

You can find a Southwest Greens Golf Green near you; we install golf greens, chipping areas and bunkers at private homes, parks, schools, and in common areas for all to enjoy.  Southwest Greens is available to custom build a golf green to accentuate your yard, improve your short game, and fit into your budget.  Once the installation is complete, we’ll share pointers on how to get the most out of your new practice tool and enjoy your golf green for many years to come.  Your friends will envy your yard and be astonished by your continual progressing game.

Backyard Golf Greens

A few words for the wise:  When considering a personal golf green, consider where will the golf green go?  what is your budget?

Once you work out real estate and the financials, you are moving on.   Compiling your information.   We suggest, keeping it simple. 

Are you shopping  price,  quality or  both?

Everything from Putt Putt to Nicklaus Design golf greens are available.  Know what you are looking for.


A personal golf green can be viewed as a home project.  You want the project to go smooth.  The process should be fun.  Fun to plan, exciting to watch construction and a blast to play on once the crew has cleaned up and left your home in better condition than when they arrived.


Once you've had your initial fun, it's time to work.  Time to practice putting.  You did say, "... getting a   golf green would help my golf game..."

No worries, you get to practice in the comforts of your own yard.  No driving, no lines, no excuses.  

We've been building synthetic golf greens in the Bay Area since 2006 and have learned a lot.  We will finish with ~

Ask around at your home course, you are bound to come across at least 3 people with a golf green.


Who is building the project? what is their track record of getting done correctly?  where can you try one out.



To learn more about Southwest Greens check us out at www.southwestgreens.com or give our office a call (650-349-4885).