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Artificial Playground Grass

Playground Artificial Grass

Let Kids Play Naturally on Artificial Grass for Playgrounds in San Francisco & the Bay Area, CA.

Bring the fun back to the outdoors with artificial grass surfaces for backyard and commercial playgrounds in San Francisco, CA. Between grass allergies and trips and falls they often endure on traditional grass, kids are losing their desire to play outdoors.

Artificial grass is transforming playground and outdoor play areas by offering a continuous, hypoallergenic surface without divots and other dangers often found in traditional grass. Its tightly woven synthetic surface with high draining properties allows kids to get right back to playing even right after a rainstorm.

What Makes Southwest Greens Playground Turf Different?

Southwest Greens has a trademarked, padded backing to help your artificial playground turf system conform to the natural slopes and contours of your landscape. The advanced PlayBase™ system is cutting-edge technology in the synthetic grass industry. When installed, it helps all playgrounds meet the fall-height standards of playground safety organizations. This makes it the perfect solution for commercial locations like schools, churches, day care facilities, and amusement parks where playground safety is a concern.

Southwest Greens is also the only artificial turf manufacturer with HydroChill™. This innovative turf technology uses evaporative cooling to reduce surface temperatures. Both the turf and the infill hold some moisture that is released by direct sunlight and creates an evaporative cooling effect, causing the turf to be cool to the touch, which is an effect not found in most synthetic surfaces.

Benefits to Switching to Artificial Turf on Playgrounds

Aside from mimicking the life-like look and feel of natural grass, artificial turf has many benefits for both backyards and business properties.

  • Drought-friendly – Artificial grass has the largest ecological impact by being a water-conservative product and reducing water waste
  • Water-friendly – Synthetic grass continues to boast soft, green, grass-like blades in both excessive rains and extreme droughts. Enjoy reducing your water bill and putting that money to better uses
  • Wallet-friendly – Fake grass not only saves money from watering, but it reduces the need for lawn maintenance personnel and lawn tools as well as the gas and electricity needed for those tools
  • Kid and Pet-Friendly – Both kids and dogs love playing on artificial grass surfaces because it reacts just like real grass. Our turf holds up well in high-traffic areas, repels many types of insects and is resistant to many types of bacteria and fungi. You also never have to look at a brown/bald spot in the lawn again.

Southwest Greens proudly installs playground artificial grass in and around San Francisco and the Bay Area. There are few things between you having a beautiful artificial grass lawn underneath the kids’ playset. Get a FREE, no-strings-attached playground turf installation quote by contacting us today.