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Making New Memories – What Synthetic Turf Means To You

Synthetic turf as a child was the picture of my parent’s astro-turf backyard patio. It was short, prickly, hard, bright green in color and UGLY! Not what I would picture in someone’s lawn, not even in the 70's. I didn't care much to know more about it or why it was an alternative to real grass or just plain dirt. I didn't enjoy sitting or playing on it even through it was shaded, because it was hard and dirty. No matter how much we sweep it, vacuumed it and even power washed it, you still came up from it dusty and dirty.

Fast forward to my career as a bus driver some 20 years later. I took a group of soccer players to their game at a sports field of synthetic turf. WOW, beautiful to look at, nice to walk and sit on, but unfortunately it left a problem behind. Little rubber pellets everywhere, in your shoes, and sometimes depending on the material of your clothes stuck to you as well. This synthetic turf sports field had a rubber infill that traveled with you. Not ideal for my home, but still way better than the childhood memory of astro-turf.

Several years have passed and I've learned there are plush, beautiful synthetic turfs that are nice to touch, sit and play on and it's a lawn I would enjoy seeing in my yard. Synthetic turf has come a long way. You can choose a color, blade length and work side-by-side with a professional to help you design a great synthetic lawn. Now, it's time to make new memories and see what the future of synthetic lawns can inspire you to do.

Some of these memories can include, providing a place for the kids and dogs to run and play on without getting dirty. Looking out your windows and seeing that nice green lawn day after day, year after year, even during those hot summer month.

Now, let’s image your loved one comes home complaining of the lines at the putting green this morning and wishes they had one of their own. So you devise a plan to find a way of getting them just what they want. Designing a nice putting green for your yard can be an extraordinary memory for your loved one to enjoy over and over again, at any time of the day.

Let’s make more memories... Whether you love the game of bocce ball, croquet, badminton, tennis or basketball, did you know some synthetic turf companies can help you install a court for these in your own backyard? This will surely bring your friends, family and you hours of fun memories.

No longer can you have a memory of synthetic turf from the 70's filling your mind, because the synthetic turf of today has surpassed all expectation.

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