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Benefits of Having Your Artificial Grass Professionally Serviced

Current artificial lawn owners may notice some changes in the look of their synthetic lawn since its original installation. Common problems include turf that “lays down” or looks flat, ripples in the material, or pet order. Fortunately, there is hope for aging synthetic lawns.

Want to know how to make your synthetic lawn better? Let’s define better in the case of a synthetic lawn: BETTER / ˈbedər/ adjective; Restore lawn to look as it did when originally installed and looked its best.

The key to a beautiful synthetic lawn is to have your artificial grass serviced. Synthetic lawns are outside 24/7, which means they are relentlessly exposed to sun, rain, pollution, pet grime and dust. The simple fact is artificial lawns need to be cleaned. A lawn service consists of removing debris deposited over time (i.e. pebbles, pine needles, pollen, construction dust, seeds and weeds). This is also a good time to consider adding addition infill. Raising the infill line up above the blades’ weak point (most commonly seen in the higher traffic areas) will stand fibers upright for a longer period of time. Servicing your lawn every couple of years is recommended.

Dog owners have a particularly important struggle: improper care of an artificial lawn can lead to your new lawn smelling more like dog pee. The answer again, is to have your lawn professionally serviced.

Homeowners know nothing is maintenance free: not a window, car, cabinet, or rug. As much time as your dog spend enjoying the lush look and feel of your synthetic grass, dog owners spend equal amount of time picking up after their pets. Synthetic turf is beneficial for pet owners because it eliminates the fear of muddy messes in the house. But, to maintain this benefit lawn owners only have to spend a small amount of time cleaning the lawn.

While professional lawn services are always the best option for cleaning and servicing an artificial lawn, there are some things homeowners can do on a regular basis to maintain their lawn. We recommend a product such as EnviroZyme for artificial lawn care with pets, which can be purchased locally. EnviroZyme is an enzyme-based concentrate used to neutralize urine, pet and other animal odors on properly installed synthetic turf. It can be used full strength or diluted with water and applied by sprayer or dumped on with a small bucket. Many artificial lawn owners apply the solution earlier in the day, which allows the heat and natural sunlight to dry the product and cure before cooling down for the night. Apply an agent like this regularly to keep the odor down.

Artificial lawn owners may also notice ripples appear in the turf after a period of time. Ripples can indicate a few different things:

  • Root systems
  • Turf reacting to weather
  • Ground movement

With California’s current drought, the lack of water causes root systems from trees, bushes, shrubs and plants to seek water. The top layers of most yards are dry which initiates root systems to go elsewhere for survival. If your natural lawn is green and you don’t water it, good chance you have a leaking line. Some plants’ root systems will travel all the way over into a neighbor’s yard in search of something to sustain them. While this process is truly incredible to see, it can also impact the look of your lawn. For this , a professional lawn service is also beneficial. Southwest Greens offers an experienced team who can determine if your yard needs a little “facelift.” Root systems can be removed from beneath synthetic lawns and golf greens to restore the original beauty of your lawn and game.

Southwest Greens is a locally owned and operated synthetic turf company that designs and builds a project to the customers need and wants. Built on referrals, our services include customer synthetic turf projects for residential and commercial installation. From golf greens and sand bunkers to bocce ball and croquet courts. Out high quality materials and experiences installation team is how we install “double eagle” synthetic turf amenities. Call (650)349-4885 or complete our online contact form for a free consultation to determine if artificial lawn rejuvenation from the experts at Southwest Greens is right for you.

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