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Pro Endorsements

Professional Endorsements

Testimonials from Professional Players

Golf is one of the only sports where the environment dictates a large portion of the game. If the green you are playing on is poorly designed and laid out, your game is going to suffer. This is why some 25 top PGA professionals are currently using our Southwest Greens home practice putting greens. With our designs and workmanship, these professionals are free to focus on their skill and ability, rather than the environment. Here is what some familiar professionals have to say about using Southwest Greens:

David Toms“I love it! My Southwest Green is fast and chipping to it is fantastic.”
David Toms

Hale Irwin“Being a professional golfer, I want to practice my short game on a golf green that simulates the conditions on tour. Southwest Greens has given me that and a great amenity for our family recreation. Unbelievable!”
Hale Irwin Ryder Cup Champion

Vijay Singh“Having a surface this good to practice on at home is incredible. My Southwest putting green performs like a tour green. It’s fantastic!”
Vijay Singh 2004 PGA Champion