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About Us

About Us


Hello, You are here.  Thanks for landing.

For those who are familiar with a Golf Green Service, thanks for thinking to have your golf green serviced again this year.  Please complete our GOlf Green Pre Service Questionnaire to get on our service schedule.

For our customers who are not as familiar with having a professional golf green service.  We’ve reached out to you because, the guy who installed your golf green thinks that after this past Winter, Your synthetic golf green isn’t putting true.  With Mother Nature pouring down on us then blowing us dry with bone chilling air off the Pacific Ocean, your green definitely has debris between the blades and uneven sand.  

Prior to arriving on your day of service, we like to know what to look for and what to expect.  To best serve our customers, we’ve created our GOlf Green Pre Service Questionnaire.  By completing the questionnaire, you provide our crew with relevant information.  For example, let us know when there are weeds, nylon flags or aluminum cups need replacement, the speed of green and the name of your home course.  


When we leave, our crew will have completed the process of cleaning out the turf, adjusting the speed and rolling the golf green true.  You can visibly see the difference when you walk up to your green and more importantly when you sink a putt.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on the schedule to have my synthetic golf green/Bocce court/Lawn etc. professionally serviced?

Fill out the Pre Service Questionnaire and submit.  We ask you to answer all questions; our office will contact you once reviewed. 

Why should I have a maintenance service performed on my synthetic Golf Green?

Our experienced maintenance team will have your golf green performing like it was just installed.  We clean out hard to remove debris and dirt, restore the infill levels of your golf green and grass with the appropriate sand products and finish off with your green rolling true and to speed.  With our equipment we groom up the turf blades so your entire synthetic golf green with fringe and lawn are refreshed and restored.

How often should I have maintenance service performed on my Golf Green? Bocce Court? Synthetic Lawn?

We recommend once every 24 months.  Following a heavy Winter where we experienced plenty of rain and strong winds, all of our greens in area are due for a service.  With all of the flooding and runoff, the golf green surface will have dirt and debris on the surface and in the sand infill.  When the sand dries out and the debris remains, the combination makes for a very firm dirty surface that does not roll true.  The golf ball will not check up when chipping and pitching onto the green making for a less realistic playability.


What difference can you see in the Golf Green?

The putting surface’s appearance is brighter with the addition of new top dressing color sand.  The colored sand and cleaned turf blades make for a renewed look.  The putts should roll true again and the speed will be adjusted per your request.  We use professional stimp meters for accuracy and our crew is trained on the tool.



How much does it cost?

The cost is $89 per man hour (2 hour Min. ) plus the cost for materials used, disposal and a modest fuel surcharge.